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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

A pre-engineered building is a building structure that consists of prefabricated factory components that are combined together and engineered structurally so that each component works together.

Conventional Steel Buildings

When choosing to construct a large steel structure, conventional steel buildings offer the convenience of building as wide as you would like with columns or posts in place to maintain structural integrity of the building.

Open Joist Steel Buildings

Standard steel joists and joist girders are crucial, tried-and-true components of your roofing and flooring building system.

Truss Steel Buildings

We are a steel truss manufacturing company that strives to produce the best steel trusses in the industry. Using only certified welders, we weld (not burn) our trusses with steel angle iron.

Multi-Story Steel Buildings

In the vertical and horizontal directions of the building, the steel frame structure is used as the structural system for load-bearing and lateral force resistance.


Proposal Drawings

 GIE provides proposal drawings for all serious inquiries. Our proposal drawings consist of a column layout plan, main frame cross-sections and four exterior wall elevations for each building in the RFQ. Panel accessories such as double sliding doors, roll-up doors, personnel doors, sand trap louvers, windows, framed openings, etc., will be shown on our proposal drawings if their locations are known.
If their locations are unknown, we will list the accessories and their quantities on our proposal drawings and add a note requesting the Customer to mark their locations and advise us so we can revise our proposal drawings and re-issue them to the Customer.

Proposal Offer

GIE makes our offer as transparent as possible so that you can easily compare our offer with the offers of our competitors .
The strength and durability of Global Industries give you greater design options. We can provide you with gable roofs, single-slopes, clear spans, multi-spans, and other rigid frames. When choosing one of Ultra’s frames, you receive:

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