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GIE experience in building metal stairs and metal work platforms. Our stairs are unlike anything in the industry when it comes to design and innovation for all types of prefabricated metal stair kits as well as custom solutions that bolt together on location with no custom tools or equipment. Our modular design can be configured to any need. We are a valued provider in a variety of industries, from petrochemical to manufacturing and commercial. Our patented pre-engineered and pre- manufactured stair kits have durable paint-coated handrails and are built using advanced technology that offers superior quality and durability.

GIE Wall and Roof Cladding System

Metal Panels are one of the most attractive features of a Metal Building System, having contributed mightily for the growing popularity of metal buildings. The term "Panel" in this context refers to the metal skins used as roof and wall panels, interior roof and wall liners, partition panels, fascia panels, soffit panels, etc. GIE Building System stocks two different base metals for the panels below:

Steel Panels

The base metal for standard stocked steel panels have minimum yield strength which 34.5 kN/cm2 and conforms to ASTM A792 Grade 50B. The protective steel coating shall be aluminum-zinc alloy comprised of 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc, weighing 150 grams/m2 both sides. The yield strength shall be 145 N/mm2. Pre-painted aluminum shall have a 5 microns 18 microns polyester paint applied at the mill on the weather (exterior) face. The pol is made of a polymer that is equal to or superior to silicon polyester. The interior face is 5-7 microns polyurethane compatible epoxy primer in RAL 7035 (Light gray color on the interior I face. Aluminum panel are offered in 3 finishes.